7Air Inc

We are the best

In a dynamic marketplace where business processes are constantly changing, the ability to react flexibly to your ever-changing needs is of prime importance.
7AIR offers a range of value-added services service to meet your targets. We are always responsive and ready to fly in anywhere and anytime.

Two decades, millions of

Over the years of experience and relationship, the management of 7Air Inc has established a large and diverse clients, partners, and customer base of airlines, tour operators, charter brokers, governmental bodies, various non-profit organizations, and the new startups. We feel proud of ourselves on being a flexible and reliable partner, who provide valuable support in a turbulent business environment. We continue to enjoy and build successful relationships with worldwide providers of both passenger and cargo aircraft and flights.

ACMI Services

Your plans, Our Planes

7AIR ‘s core business is ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance) leasing of aircraft to other airlines or a new startup airline. Under an ACMI Agreement, we provide our customers with a dedicated aircraft, which is fully crewed, maintained, insured, and managed under their Air Operator Certificate (AOC) for an agreed period or on third party AOC.

CHARTER Services

Two decades, millions of

7AIR INC offers all-inclusive passenger and cargo charter services to air charter companies, charter brokers, freight forwarders, logistic companies, and tour & travel operators. In addition to standard charter services, we have also performed several charters for the likes of summer charters, UN charters, cargo charters.
We typically offer charter services at a flat rate, based on block hours flown or full charter. In addition to the standard, our charter services also include the necessary traffic rights and landing permits, fuel, and passenger, cargo, and aircraft handling worldwide.